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Francesca is a London based actress, singer and model from Italy. Moving to London from Italy to pursue her dreams, she is originally from a beautiful culture rich town in Italy called Perugia blessed with old town charm, jazz festivals and delicious Italian chocolate delicacies. KD Mukasa is a London based British Hip Hop Artist, singer songwriter and Art entrepreneur. He has a passion for thought provoking rap freestyles, art and running culture shifting art exhibitions blending philosophy and pop culture at the Saatchi Art Gallery in London. They met in London and together they are Hip Hop/Jazz/Pop Duo Band KD Mukasa and Francesca. As part of their new adventure, they are releasing a NEW EP titled 'Fairy-Tales in Perugia.' The EP, with fantasy stories inspired by their experiences, has 3 Chapters and is intended as a soundtrack to a short film. The music weaved with both playful and heartfelt lyrics has themes of romance and adventure over curated beats, laced with piano and guitar instrumentation and the pair's charming vocal harmonies.
(p.s its a FREE DOWNLOAD, on the house courtesy of KD and Francesca)
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Morning Mess Lyrics – KD Mukasa & Francesca

Its your morning mess
Lovebirds in a nest
Relieve your stress
Wake up in a sweat
No Mac no make up yet
Just my silhouette
Kiss me on my neck
Pluck my strings in jhest
Now Oh now let's
Tug me like its meant
Tease me with your strength, we're fools for days

Oh my Holiness
Athena in the Flesh
Now oh now lets
Tell me the code for it
Promise I'll be my best
Just oooh now wake

Hey there its your wreck
Come back handle this
And be my rib
Baci chocolate in our bed
Kisses Im all for it
Don't leave me yet

Ken morning freestyle talk

Chorus ( Francesca and KD in harmony)
I'd rather be
A Morning mess with
You oou oou oou oou oou ouuh
Morning mess with
You oou oou oou oou oou ouuh

KD Mukasa rap
In a sense
Its her eyes my inner sense
Convinced me shes innocent, well in a sense
Before I know it she would pop my collar usher in the chain and collars
Woof Woof im your dog in a collar
Ken….. (Francesca)
Look Ok ok no lie no lie
We can kick it in our sweats or our onesides decide
Hmm what'do you want to watch, as I flick on Netflix, here we are, Casa de Papel,

Mukasa love you well
Money Heist, riches forever nice, you can be my Tokyo Im your Rio for stormy nights
If I perish at the Gates of Heaven I'd ask my rights
Plead with the Lord if I can come back and love you twice

But Im a bad boy so hmm look, maybe its hell, maybe we'll fail, maybe baby we'll be kicking ourselves, Baby for real, if they lock me with you no keys to the cell, truth is Id be loving the cell, Bonnie Clyde ting

Ken morning freestyle talk

Chorus ( Francesca and KD in harmony)
I'd rather be
A Morning mess with
You oou oou oou oou oou ouuh
Morning mess with
You oou oou oou oou oou ouuh
Morning Mess
Verse 1
She tells me that she loves me then she grins
I'd give my whole hand to see that smile again
She tempts me with a little bit of sin
Hinting at romance but keeps a little in
Got a stare like Medusa
Piercing eyes couldn't be greener
Cleopatra my ruler
Except this one's from Perugia
She says Im sorry we're through now
«ut then she kisses me sweeter
Do you want me my ruler?
Got me hooked cos Im all hers
Oh Lord

Oh my its Peng ting galore
Set me up you're so wrong
She'll get you all in the mood
Scorched whoever she knew

I thought you're a little awkward when you dance
Thought you had no chance but like a bit of bantz
Teasing you we giggle as we dance
A groove for the old hearts, good to see you laugh
Are we bending the rules now?
To keep it light will I fall now?

Oh the story we're writing
All the fun we're inviting

KD Mukasa
Oh miss cheeky you got me dizzy
Reading you it was far from easy
Shall I be Khal you my Khaleesi?
Targaryan flow, hm that was easy
With your knack for teasing, and my knack for feeling
Feeling you, hmm now huz teasing?
Tho Im comfy with my feelings
Ive gotta hold my back and Ive got my reasons
Cos I got my legions but still got my Demons
Tick tick tick tick for all my reasons
Now ticked tick ticked cos I have to ditch you
And I wish wish wish that we got to keep it
«ut Im dope but not a dope boy
Lyrics on top but not a top boy
Lyrics on point but not a roc boy
Reasonable doubt cos Ive got to stay coy, Wow
Made Money like Mayweather made money
Put it in the sun you can tell it aint funny
I could take my pick but its you I've picked cos you made me think, if I could ever leave money

Verse 3
Gabrielle she stole me with her gaze
Tat on her left palm she hides her love for pain
Flawless skin but couldn't place her face
A touch of the homeland with elegance and grace
Ahh but she is a lion
Shes half white half Ghanaian
Kind of heart no denying
Shes a muse for my writing
Oh she inspires me full house
We can kick it my pool house
Isit the wall with the writing
Is there some1 shes hiding?


Oh my its Peng ting galore
Tell me you're like that you're wrong
Oh my its Peng ting galore
Tell me you're like that you're wrong
Midnight Musings
Is this beyond the surface is it real
Or is it real on the surface to cop a feel
I feel that we feel that maybe its something real
Scratched beyond the surface do you like what it reveals
My outbursts I might curse to keep you on your heels
When Im hurt will you nurse me giving up your deals
When I run, will you come hmmm picking up my heels
If my feet are broken will you lift me over hills
You lost some you won some Im with you when you feel
Dark auras I won't run Im with you at the wheel
Your warrior your corner Khaleesi was the deal
Oh come and meet my nana make you finish every meal
Oh now now lighten up, my world you still light it up
Rest your head on my lap
Tales from Perugina
Started now here we are


No no no no no distractions for these days
I've got a wretched deal that needs me
But this girl she got me thinking
Now Im thinking whom I kidding whats this feeling its surreal
Now I'm dreaming we'd be scheming, picking lilies in the hills
Got my scars I think I'm healed
Least I patch them with these pills
You're a rose with thorns who knows but f it I'm bleeding for the thrill.
Give me reason to be chill
My anxiety is killed
Kiss my tears from my cheeks when I've fallen lost my will
Uh uh uh uh, don't like surprise, surprised?
Say hello less, to avoid goodbye, goodnight my lie
When I wake and its you by my side
I thank God for another day of this life,

You see I've loathed, but never loved
Touched but never felt
Well I've felt but I aint felt you feel me?
Superficial things I want a billi and want it all?
But maybe, I'm just climbing to fall?
"Fairy-Tales in Perugia"
Chapter 1
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/ Eolor Magazine
Spotlight is a hot song, with a hot, sexy, romantic clip, that brings a pleasant atmosphere to the environment in which it is played, an authentic voice, full of talent that sings the verses in an immersive way and takes us to another female voice so beautiful and as engaging as the first, a duet with a lot of synchronism and synergy, we love to know this song. In summary, a mixture of genres that surprises and is very innovative.
What incredible vocals! I really like the timbre of the voice and the way that voice fits with the purpose of the music when using electronic beats based on hip hop and electronic music. I feel that all the voices fit very well with the chosen instrumental elements and the result is extremely elegant, seductive, intense and captivating music
Spotlight is a pop-urban song with jazz-hop notes and touches of soul, even R&B. The vocal interpretation overflowing with sensuality, both feminine and masculine, skillfully depicts a courting session with glee. The beauty of women is honored on the seductive music video that accompanies this track perfectly.
/ Boulimique de Musique, Culture Webzine, Montreal
We love "Spotlight". We highlight the beautiful production of the track, the well arranged vocal arrangements and all the instrumental-visual arrangement around the song. Your art sounded to us truly incredible, original and with a true artistic maturity.
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